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Come and join us on the best white water rafting adventure that Bled has to offer. Absolutely a must-do adventure for families, couples and/or groups. Beautiful nature, clean water, fun rapids and good company. A rafting experience to remember!

Do you want to explore the river more independently? Do you want more thrill? If the answer is yes, then sit on top kayaking is just perfect for you! A guide will teach you the basics of kayaking and show you the way down the beautiful Sava river!

If you like jumping, sliding, rappelling and swimming, then canyoning in Bled is absolutely something you want to try! Perfect adventure for thrill seekers that you won’t forget! A must do while you visit Bled!

This great combo of the two best-selling adventures in Bled is a must-do on your active holiday! You can do one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, or on separate days.

See what the white water rafting on the Sava Dolinka in Bled looks like! A must-do adventure while you are visiting Bled!