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The Canyoning adventure is a combination of walking through a gorge in the knee to waist-deep water, swimming, jumping and/or abseiling off cliffs, and sliding down on the water polished rocks into the pool below. Canyoning is an amazing and unique experience that will leave you breathless. Canyons around Bled are one of the nicest in Slovenia, and we have chosen the ones that we believe best combine the beauty and the thrill. We organize canyoning in the Grmečica canyon and the Jerečica canyon. Our first choice is the Grmečica canyon, but if the water levels are too high or too low we choose the alternate one – the Jerečica canyon.

canyoning adventure bled

General information about canyoning

Dates operating

April 1st – October 15th

Time spent canyoning:

1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours

This depends on the number of guests joining the Canyoning adventure (max 7/guide) and/or the specifics of the group.

Total time of the activity:
2 hours 30 minutes – 3 hours 30 minutes

This depends on the number of guests joining the Canyoning adventure (max 7/guide) and/or the specifics of the group.


Both canyons are located approximately 20-30 minutes drive from Bled in the direction of the Bohinj Lake. 

What is included

All the necessary canyoning equipment

 – wetsuits

 – water shoes

 – helmets

 – harnesses

 – ropes

Shuttle from and to your accommodation in the Bled area (5-kilometer radius around Bled)

Free parking at our meeting point – if you will be arriving by car from outside of Bled or if you just wish to meet us there. The parking is next to the Sava River – it is safe, easily accessible, and easy to find

English-speaking and fully licensed canyoning guide/white water rescue technician who will ensure your SAFETY

What is required

 – Swimwear or extra underwear

 – A towel

 – To be able to swim

 – Minimum age is 10 years

 – Minimum height is 140cm (4ft 7in)

 – Bring something to drink

Canyoning is not suitable for

 – Pregnant women

 – People with heart issues

 – People with epilepsy

Level of difficulty

Canyoning in the Grmečica Canyon is considered an intermediate

Meeting point and pickup time

 – Pick up at the accommodation

The pickup time will be communicated via email or phone (text message or WhatsApp). Please leave your phone number upon booking in the following form: +386 (0) 70 466 400

Also leave the exact address of the accommodation (if you do not have one yet, that is ok, just put in something like “not yet booked”

The pickup time will most likely be 40-20 minutes before the scheduled canyoning adventure

canyoning bled

Additional information and FAQ about canyoning

In the event of extremely bad weather or very high water levels, we reserve the right to cancel the activity. Safety is our main priority and we will never put our guests at unnecessary risk. If we cancel the activity you will be offered an alternate date or be given a full refund. In the event of normal rainfall, the activity is organized as planned.

 – Where do we leave our belongings before we go canyoning?

You will put your belongings in one of our vans that will stay locked. Anyhow, we prefer that you leave things of great value at your accommodation. It is smart to bring a backpack, so your belongings can be in one place

 – Do I have to wear a wetsuit to go canyoning?

The use of wetsuits and neoprene water shoes is MANDATORY

 – Do I have to wear a helmet to go canyoning?

The use of a helmet to go canyoning is MANDATORY

 – Can I bring my mobile phone to go canyoning?

The use of mobile phones while canyoning is highly advised against because there is a high risk of losing and/or damaging them. We can not and will not be responsible for a loss or damage to your mobile device

 – Can I use my camera?

The use of personal GoPro cameras or any other water-resistant cameras is allowed. It is highly recommended to have it strapped or mounted on a helmet (we have some helmets that have a GoPro mount). We can not and will not be responsible for a loss of or damage to your camera.

We also take photos of the trip with our camera


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